Creative Custom Design & Store Development

Creative Custom Design & Store Development

Looking to expand your business or remodel your store?  Bozzuto’s Creative Custom Design and Store Development Departments have the expertise to help you find a new location or upgrade your current facility.

Our team will work with you to bring your dreams to reality while maintaining your budget.  Why hire multiple people to oversee your project when you can have the ease and comfort on one team to ensure that your project runs smoothly and on time.

Store Planning and Layout / CAD

  • Preliminary project evaluation
  • Project scope definition
  • Project budget estimates
  • Develop “as-built” fixture plan
  • Develop new concept fixture plan
  • Tailor layout to each store’s merchandising needs

Interior Design & Decor

  • Custom interior design packages
  • Lighting design to complement merchandising
  • Fast track design packages
  • Use customized décor to create unique store identity
  • Installation available on custom décor

Project Coordination

  • Prepare drawings and details for architect and engineers
  • Provide information for contractors
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Coordinate responsibility for trades
  • Verify owner’s requirements are being met

Equipment Services

  • Direct equipment purchasing
  • Refrigeration cases, systems, custom layouts
  • Shelving and millwork
  • Production equipment
  • New / used / reconditioned equipment sources
  • Complete store equipment package sourcing
  • “One stop” call for small-wares through major equipment

Sales Forecasting & Site Screening

  • New and renovated stores
  • Competition’s sales impact
  • Correct store size for market
  • Format type considerations
  • Demographic analysis
  • Competition’s attributes
  • Image Profile sourcing
  • Traffic count review
  • Driving distance analysis
  • Minimal cost to retailer

Acquisition Analysis, New & Renovated Stores

  • Profit & Loss Statement preparation
  • Total project cost allowances
  • “What if” scenarios
  • Sales, gross margin & expense variables
  • EBITDA review
  • Net after tax cash flows
  • Return on Investment %
  • Financing considerations
  • Solid financial decisions

Lease Negotiation Assistance

  • Common sense metrics
  • Net and Gross rent
  • Initial term and extension options
  • Avoid harmful clauses
  • Avoiding CPI increases
  • Sublet & Assignment
  • NNN expenses to avoid
  • Lease language review
  • Experienced attorneys
  • Use of clear language